External Wall Insulation

External wall insulation can be expensive but puts a lot of value onto your home as well as reducing your yearly energy costs. We tend to put on 100mm thickness of EPS board which is a type of expanded polystyrene. Houses within the UK tend to lose up to 35% of the heat generated through the walls. Installing 100mm of EPS brings the energy efficiency of the walls on your home to the standards of a newly built house today. We offer several types of finishes to go over the EPS. This mainly consists of different render granularities, so whether you would prefer it to look more smooth than texture, or vice versa! We also offer a generous amount of colours to choose from and are able to carry out any additional detailing you want to make your home then stand out from the rest, or, fit in!

We are also a PAS2030 accredited company which means we install our solid wall insulation systems through the green deal. This means a possible subsidiary against solid wall homes which in effect reduces the amount you pay! You will get an in depth quotation to start with no hidden costs, so what you see is what you get, no extra charges! All of our solid wall work also comes with a 25 year insurance backed guarantee so you know that this long lasting system will always be doing what it needs to be! We understand that undergoing a project like this can be daunting for some people as there is a lot involved. We will always try our upmost to keep every single one of our customers happy and to work with you each step of the way.

Silicone Through Coloured Render

EWI Pro Silicone Silicate Render is our most popular top coat. The render is breathable and hydrophobic meaning it will self-clean and is water repelling. We use this render to go onto majority of our solid wall insulation jobs, but it is also very popular for increasing the visual look of a standard house that doesn't require the insulation. The render comes with the colour incorporated, which means that you don't have to get it painted every few years. We do recommend to paint over once every 10 years with our specialized silicone based masonry paint as well as cleaning with a strong hose once a year. All of our render only jobs come with a 30 year manufacturers warrantee against discoloration & cracking. This type of modern render is the best you can get on the market today, incorporating a fibreglass mesh in between two of the base layers it also makes it a hell of a lot stronger than a basic system.

Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is a relatively cheap way to increase the heat efficiency within your home. Most of the time the work will only take a few hours, dependant on the size of the loft space and how much insulation you need, obviously. You can lose up to 25% of the heat within your home through the loft space, depending on what is already there, so it is something definitely worth considering to reduce your bills! We use Knauf Earthwool for all of our loft insulation projects, not only is it more efficient but it is also very user friendly. This means you don't need to hesitate when you need to go into the loft space that you will become itchy or irritated, it has a significantly lower irritation rate than that of your yellow loft insulation.

Soft Washing Systems

We offer extensive render cleaning with a recipe made up of top of the range chemicals. Its a soft wash system so that means there is no chance of damaging render via power washing which can sometimes be harmful to the surface. Our main package is a yearly service which cleans and protects all render areas for 12 months. It is a natural effect that then takes place over the 12 month period, all of the chemicals we use are fully bio-degradable so there is no chance of harm to any wanted plants & garden areas. We also offer a more in depth cleaning service, which again is a soft wash system that removes red, yellow, green and black staining from exterior surfaces. This is mainly caused by biological growth. In cases of more severe staining, more treatments may be required. We offer this service for all types of through coloured renders, roofs, cladding, driveways & patios.