Making your home stand out!

About Us

Here at Kooka Developments, we come to work each day to help you feel better about your home. We strive on helping you make your home that step closer to the one you have dreamed of.

We have currently been working in the insulation and rendering industry for approximately 8 years and have had some better ones than others so it seems!

Our main aim as a company, other than making a profit, is to ensure we provide the best possible experience and outcome for all our customers from start to finish with the highest possible quality of work within the industry.

Myself, as the owner, initially started in the industry through my Father when I was in my late teenage years which helped me become trained and qualified in all the various insulation sectors.

Along the way I have had to learn new skills in relation to various other specifics of the job as well as mastering my own methods on how to carry out the work.

External wall insulation requires a specialist lightweight render to be applied on top of specially designed insulation boards fixed to the external surface, giving you not only a fully insulated home but one that is also fresh and pleasing on the eye.

Kooka Developments aim to provide you with complete satisfaction during every aspect of the work being carried out so you won’t be disappointed.

We can go out of our usual work area if required as long as its not too far away, so get in touch!